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학년과 수준 그리고 목표를 따라 체계적으로 설계된 SPOL Multiple System

오랜 교육현장에서 끊임없는 변화와 혁신으로 완성된 스폴 프로그램은 초등 E-Tree - 초등 5,6 E-Tree 인 PM 프리미들 - 중등 S-Forest 3과정 12레벨 「Multiple System」 으로 구성되어 있으며, 감성과 논리중심의 로고셔널 러닝(Logotional Learning)을 토대로 실용적 언어능력(Practicality)과 제도적 평가대응능력(Achievement)을 아이들 학년과 수준, 목표에 맞춰 체계적으로 성장시킵니다.

Dear future Ulsan SPOL Students and Parents,

First of all, I am writing to express my pleasure in your ardent interest in the SPOL English Education Program. I appreciate to be your English education partner in Metropolitan-City Ulsan.

I hoped that I could join the field where my possibility and ability that I could offer with my energy and possibility in terms of the creative English education field. Looking to progress into a better English learner as a second language speaker, I have studied how to learn and teach English in a much easier and much more interesting way as well.

As I have been worked in the education field for years, I realized that the most essential part of learning another country's language is mustering people's mind up about learning English by various and unique contents including interesting topics, audible speaking, and listening in that language.

That's why I strongly say and recommend that SPOL can not only encompass outlines but also put together active English in class. I am sure that the SPOL Program can offer you a qualitative class everyone can satisfy.

In Alice In Wonderland, Alice asks "Would you tell please, which way I ought to go from here?" Then Cheshire-Cat replies to her; it doesn't matter which way you go. Alice realizes soon that so long as she gets somewhere, then there will be a road.

Likewise, I am so glad that I can get a priceless opportunity to find the way and share my desirable aims in the SPOL English Program with you. Thank you.



Ulsan SPOL Director